The Manfreds & The Ealing Club

One of the key bands to emerge from the Ealing Club in it’s heyday were Manfred Mann who became internationally renowned for the Ready Steady Go, theme tune 5,4,3,2,1 & subsequent songs such as Do Wah Diddy Diddy, Pretty Flamingo.

Initially formed in London by Mike Hugg as the Mann-Hugg Blues Bros, the band began playing the Ealing Club in March / April 1963 substituting the Rollin’ Stones who had moved on to bigger venues that included the Crawdaddy in Richmond.

From 1962 – 1966, Paul Jones was lead singer and he is set to return with original bass player, Tom McGuiness to the Ealing Blues Festival 2023 for a headline spot with the Manfreds. (See Ealing Blues Festival 2023)

Both Paul Jones & Tom McGuiness recount their memories of the Ealing Club in the movie Suburban Steps To Rockland – The Story of the Ealing Club. Now available on VOD & DVD.

Advert from The Middlesex Times (April 1963)

Article from Middlesex Times (May 1964)