Eclectic MusicSpace @ Cafe Zee

On the evening of 23rd November, Ealing Eclectic MusicSpace brought the sounds of Divyanand Caird (Saraswati Veena), Dheeraj Mishra (Tabla) together with Robert Hokum (Guitar) in the form of Blues Dharma to the basement area of Café Zee in Ealing Broadway. This fusion of sounds was followed by the 1st edition of the Ealing Eclectic Youth sessions, then proceeded by an amazing performance from songwriter Sam Willoughby setting the the scene for a chain of follow up events at this great little venue in 2019.

A full and attentive house of 50-60 guests enjoyed coffee, green tea and cake well into the evening while absorbing the coffee house atmosphere.

It is thanks to backing from bodies such as the Arts Council of England that promoters, artists, sound engineers, audiences and business owners can find ways of working together and help demonstrate that such spaces can exist across individual communities.

Sam Willoughby playing at Ealing’s Cafe Zee in an Ealing Eclectic MusicSpace gig.

Ealing Eclectic MusicSpace is all about highlighting forgotten spaces in Ealing Borough through live music while acknowledging the area’s rich local music heritage. Music heritage is a unique quality that could potentially interest many more visitors to local high streets and venues as it does in Liverpool and Nashville.

On Saturday 1st December, the blues returns to the Drapers Arms in Ealing from 3.00 pm onwards in a pub fighting to keep live music on the menu.

For more on music heritage check out the movie Suburban Steps To Rockland – The Story of The Ealing Club on Facebook. :


Nettie Baker Book Launch Party

On 8 November 2018 Ealing Eclectic Musicspace organised a launch party for Nettie Baker’s new book Tales of a Rock Star’s Daughter.
The book launch took place in the historic Ealing Club premises opposite Ealing Broadway Station which are now known as the Red Room.
Nettie’s father, the drummer Ginger Baker played regularly at the Ealing Club from 1962 with Blues Incorporated and is where he first performed with bassist Jack Bruce. The pair went on to form Cream with Eric Clapton.

The launch party crowd mixed of Nettie’s family and friends along with music industry luminaries including author and film director Palmer (above) who has known Nettie since she was a toddler. In 1968 he directed the film of her drummer father Ginger Baker with Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton in Cream’s Farewell Concert.

Also present was Erica Stewart (above, right). Nettie and Erica are the daughter and the step daughter respectively of Ginger Baker and organist Graham Bond. They are pictured close to the spot where Baker and Bond played regularly at the Ealing Club from 1962 in Blues Incorporated. They went on form the band The Graham Bond Organisation and latterly played together in Ginger Baker’s Air Force. Erica’s mother Diane married Bond in 1970 and was a singer in the Air Force.

The entertainment was provided by Nettie’s favourite band The Cesarians playing an acoustic set featuring singer Charlie Finke (below).

Mick Jagger & The Ealing Club

25th May 2018 @ The London Stadium

​”Playing Harmonica signifies something to me. We’re going to do a blues number like we used to play in the Ealing Club”

Mick Jagger,  The Rolling Stones

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