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The Cradle of British Rock Music Exhibition

Music Ealing London 2012 Ealing Blues Festival‘The Blues and The Birth of British Rock Music Exhibition 2014’ 
builds on the success of Ealing Club CIC Displays held at PM Gallery (July 2012) and  the Ealing Music and Film ‘Valentine’ Festival (Feb 2013) 

Until February 28th Feb 2014 the University of West London is hosting an exhibition providing background on British Blues and The Birth of British Rock Music. Open Daily from 10.00 am.

Slide1Exhibition July 2012 (photos Al Stuart)



Ealing Music & Film ‘Valentine’ Festival (Feb 2013)


 The Ealing Music & Film ‘Valentine’ Festival (Feb 2014) 

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Photos 2014: Lucy Grayshon








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Marshall Exhibit - Lucy Grayshon

‘Marshall – The Legend Continues’


Ealing – The Cradle of British Rock Music? The Exhibition continues until end of February 2014


Jim Marshall on Drums

2013 Happenings

2013 has kicked off with the inaugural Ealing Music and Film Valentine Festival demonstrating the potential that the area has in celebrating it’s heritage by combining present day infrastructure with a pool of talent that already exists around the borough. [meteor_slideshow=”Ealing 2013″]In terms of Rock and Blues Music three gigs were held at the original venue of the Ealing Club, an exhibition titled Ealing – The Cradle of Rock Music at the University of West London was set up in the same corridors that helped inspire Pete Townshend, Ronnie Wood and his brothers, Freddie Mercury and many more. Author Harry Shapiro also presented a lecture on the the role of Alexis Korner and Blues Incorporated just metres away from where many of the aforementioned rock legends undertook some of their art classes…….that according to one ex-student who attended the lecture.

The Tribute to Cyril Davies at the Ealing Club One very special occasion included a night of LIVE MUSIC from two of the most noted Harmonica players in the country who celebrated the contribution of Cyril Davies who helped kickstart the British Rhythm and Blues boom from where so many British Musicians emerged.

John O’Leary stated that he had first been inspired to go out and buy his first harmonica following a Cyril Davies performance at the Ealing Club. He led a group of musicians whose presence at this classic venue would have been inconceivable just two years ago……………’Country Line Special’ and ‘Mojo Working’ once again pleased the audience that contained a mixed crowd of people from across many generations. Some great images and Live footage are now up and running to give music fans an idea of what type of Rhythm and Blues formed the essence of the West London Sound.

The Plaque for Jim Marshall & The First Hanwell Hootie Music Festival

On April 6th 2013 attention moves to Hanwell High Street with a celebration of Jim Marshall and his development of the classic amplifiers that became a standard tool for British Blues and Rock Musicians and then subsequently found a loyal following the world over. Hanwell Traders together with a burgeoning group of local volunteers with some input from the Ealing Club CIC will help launch a new event for the Ealing Borough Cultural Calendar. Marshall Amplification will be supporting some great LIVE MUSIC and the plaque ceremony on the high street. Surrounding venues are participating in a Fringe event that will offer musicians more Open Mic opportunities. Local stalwarts of the scene W7edge and Earwicker are all involved in the first year of this new event.
Latest information is available at: http://www.facebook.com/TheHanwellHootie

A black plaque will be unveiled to help demonstrate the links between Jim Marshall and his first two shops that were located on the Uxbridge Road. Although Marshall Amps moved on from Ealing in the late 60’s, sound amplifier businesses, guitar shops and piano shops can still be found on this tiny, West London High street……it could be just coincidence or maybe not!

The Ealing Blues Festival – 20 & 21 July 2013

Tentative plans are underway for the Ealing Blues Festival of 2013 that has been extended to two days to provide more scope for Ealing’s Rock and Blues Heritage. Ealing festival goers may have enjoyed  many aspects of what has become known as the “Global” or “World” music day that featured a wide variety of genres from diverse origins. Alexis Korner, the founding father of British Blues and the main driver of the British Rhythm and Blues Boom was himself also recognized for his contribution to fostering the “World Music Scene”. As a broadcaster he encouraged his audience to seek out the sounds of the blues but also promoted music from many other global sources. It is therefore fitting that the Ealing Blues Festival seeks to incorporate some of those well loved elements into the programme in future years. The “Raga Jam” that took place at Questors Theatre on the 17th February clearly demonstrated how the diversity of modern day Ealing can be brought together to produce original and astounding performances that would delight any “World” music audience in Walpole Park. Please feel free to sign up to the updates regarding LIVE MUSIC.

The Ealing Club Blue Plaque Review 2011

Thanks to everyone who has helped getting live music going at the original venue of the Ealing Club, the place where Alexis Korner and Cyril Davies originally started “British Rhythm and Blues” in March 1962.

The British Rhythm and Blues Boom of 1962, took inspiration directly from the Black American blues singers of America, used amplified guitars, pounding rhythms from the drums and new singing/performance styles that continue to permeate through the world of rock and pop music today.

In 2012, lets hope for more music across the borough and beyond!

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Thanks to all the musicians who gave up their time to entertain and raise the money:
The Blue Plaque is being handcrafted, at time of writing!

Thanks especially to: The Guvnors/Luge/Jump66/Brace Yourself/W7 Edge/Earwicker/The Copycats/Bolaji Blues Band/Swamprock Djs/The Fallen Heroes/Norrie Burnett/Doc Stenson/Ramon Goose/Geoff Garbow/Acoustic Cavemen/The Iconics/Don Craine/Ali McKenzie/Delta Macloud/Terry Marshall….may you all return on a regular basis to the Red Room and other venues throughout Ealing.

Thanks also to Prof. Roberta Schwartz, Dept of Musicology, University of Kansas, Nick Warburton, Andy Neill, Harry Shapiro, Fery Asgari, Wally Marshall and all those veterans who actually saw the likes of Blues Incorporated, The Rolling Stones, Manfred Mann, John Mayall, The Who, Jeff Beck and many more emerge from the club.

Thanks to the local press, Ealing Gazette, Ealing Today, Best of Ealing and Larry Vidal at Hayes FM.