The Questor’s Theatre & The Raga Jam 2014

‘The Ealing Club’ is a name synonymous with ‘British electric blues guitar’ thanks to a band known as Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated.

In February 2014, a special tribute is being held in Ealing to Cyril Davies who was a key factor in the influence of Blues Incorporated amongst the first generation of British ‘Rock’ Musicians.

Band leader Alexis Korner, as well as being the ‘founding father’ of British Electric Blues was also an early pioneer of ‘world music’. Were he with us today, he would no doubt be enthused about the prospect of the second edition of an event, held for the first time in Feb 2013 at Ealing’s ‘Questor’s Theatre’.

Questors Theatre

questors theatre interior





The Raga Jam at The Ealing Music & Film ‘Valentine’ Festival 2014

Anybody who attended the 2013 ‘Raga Jam’ in Ealing will concur that the unique mix of Blues combined with musical influences from Africa and the Asian Subcontinent created a very special atmosphere seldom seen in any other neigbouring West London venue.

 ‘The Questor’s Theatre’ located just beside Walpole Park in Ealing is a highly successful institution that normally functions as the largest Amateur Dramatic Theatre in the UK. Last year, the venue proved to be a perfect site for the’ Acoustic style’ jam featuring world class musicians who all had a link with Ealing Borough.



In 2014, this unique show will be repeated following a ‘Talking Heads’ style event presented by Pete Townshend (Sold Out).

‘Blues Sans Frontieres’ will present musicians from three continents re-interpreting the blues. Just imagine if John Lee Hooker and Blind Willie Johnson had used sitar & tabla and it will give you an idea of how a different type of music could have evolved. The ‘Raga Jam’ also features Ramon Goose’s band ‘Sounds of Sahara’

For those with no interest in ‘World Music, The Blues or Film’ there are a broad range other music events also being held in Ealing during the 12th – 16th of February 2014.

The Ealing Music and Film ‘Valentine’ Festival 2014 includes a range of events that will attract those with an interest in classical music and of course the films of Ealing Studios. Check out the festival website for more details.

If you fancy some ‘earthy’ Rock and Blues come down to the Ealing Club Community Interest company events at the Red Room on Thursday 13th, Friday 14th and Saturday 15th Feb. Alan Glen and Co have already had a name check on Paul Jones’s weekly ‘Rhythm & Blues Show’  (Min 35.07) …… so it could be busy

This is Hip - Alan

Please reserve your tickets and Check out the details here. On Sunday 16th you can then wind down a little with a comfortable seat and some atmosphere at Ealing’s Questors Theatre. Tickets for the ‘Raga Jam’ also include a complimentary Curry served prior to the event and no doubt the Questors Theatre bar will meet the needs of those looking for a decent pint. Please see EMFF website for more details.