Liverpool Film Festival & Suburban Steps To Rockland

Saturday 13th October 12:30 am

The Liverpool Film Festival has selected Suburban Steps To Rockland - The Story of The Ealing Club for a screening + Q & A to be held in the heart of the city on the 13th October.

Suburban Steps To Rockland is a film documentary that tells the story of a basement bar that helped bring together a golden generation of British Musicians who frequented the location in search of blues electric guitar, harmonica, bass and pounding drums. Film Interviews include: Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Eric Burdon, Paul Jones, John Mayall and many more: Please follow the film on Facebook!


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Liverpool Film Festival - Liverpool One Odeon

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The Ealing Club haven't experienced this venue before so we can't vouch for the music quality, content, or level of reimbursement received by the artists for their performance. However, reliable sources have recommended this gig. Please go check it out and encourage LIVE MUSIC in small venues!