Ealing Eclectic MusicSpace: Derek Nash + Marky Dawson + support

Wednesday 24th October 08:00 PM

Derek has been a member of the Jools Holland Rhythm and Blues Orchestra since 2004, has led Sax Appeal for over thirty years, fronts the funk/fusion band Protect the Beat, and is a member of the Ronnie Scott's Blues Explosion.
He is renowned for his energetic, vibrant, passionate and charismatic performances on all four saxophones - from sonorous baritone to soaring soprano
Marky started working as a resident musician in bars and clubs whilst studying at The London College of Music. It's at these gigs he developed his energetic Rock n Roll Playing. He is a charismatic showman with a voice most often compared to Freddie Mercury and Piano chops to make Jerry Lee Lewis Blush
Tonight the two join forces for Ealing Eclectic with support from Endeavour.

Price 5.00


The Red Room

The Ealing Club haven't experienced this venue before so we can't vouch for the music quality, content, or level of reimbursement received by the artists for their performance. However, reliable sources have recommended this gig. Please go check it out and encourage LIVE MUSIC in small venues!