The Rolling Stones Story

There is currently a unique opportunity to hear a recording narrated by Alexis Korner, recounting the story of the Rolling Stones. Episode one, currently available on BBC I player, explains how British Rhythm and Blues developed from the British Trad Jazz movement, firstly through Alexis Korner’s band Blues Incorporated who started a regular Rhythm and Blues night at the Ealing Club, on 17th March 1962.

The Rolling Stones Story, Episode 1, contains fascinating interviews from Mick Jagger, Ian Stewart, Long John Baldry, and the manager of the Marquee Club, Howard Pendleton. Mick Jagger even cites how his experiences at Ealing with Blues Incorporated helped him overcome any stage nerves.

This radio programme first broadcast in 1973, is a fascinating insight into those first days of British Rhythm and Blues.

Ealing Club – Quote of the week: found at minute 12.00 of the above programme:

Mick Jagger commenting on overcoming, stage nerves says”

I was only ever nervous twice, singing. The first time I sung with Alex at Ealing, I was incredibly nervous cos I’d never sung in public before”.

Mick Jagger continues: “The second time was at the Marquee, again with Alexis. After that, I was never, ever nervous in my life, even in front of the Queen of the Helines and 40,000 people, at the Palace des sports in Greece, I wasn’t nervous, thanks to my training with Alexis at the Ealing Club”

Full BBC 6 programme available here: