“The Cradle is Rocking Again”

Roberta Freund Schwartz (Director of Musicology, University of Kansas, USA) kindly agreed to write an article for the Ealing Gazette demonstrating the importance of Blues Incorporated and the Ealing Club in the development of British Rock and Blues.

Roberta Schwartz is author of the book “How Britain Got the Blues”: The Transmission and Reception of American Blues Style in the United Kingdom. The text explains in great detail the adoption of the blues in the U.K and how it was adapted by the Youth of West London in 1962 to create their own brand of “British Rhythm and Blues”. From here onwards, the guitarist would become the heart of the band!

This is some of the great coverage from the Ealing Gazette that will feature in the forthcoming exhibition ‘The Blues and the Birth of British Rock Music’

“The Cradle is Rocking Again” article is now available online.