New Musical Express & Rolling Stones 2013

New Musical Express have recently published a special collector’s feature edition that summarises the contribution of the ROLLING STONES to the music scene.

Marc Beaumont sums up the ongoing influence of the STONES and the music they have helped take to the world.


He says “every generation has fallen for a new strain of raucous blues rock. Today it’s the Black Keys, the last decade had the White Stripes and the Detroit Garage Explosion, the 90’s had Primal Scream, the 80’s has AC/DC and the hair behemoth’s and the 70’s had Iggy Pop and Led Zeppelin……..” he goes onto to say.

“But draw a line backwards, join the dots, trace the source and at the peak of the family tree, in the JAZZ CLUBs of 1962 , sat Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones brewing up a new brand of Blues……..”

The Ealing Jazz Club
The first JAZZ CLUB that opened it’s doors to the sound of “British Rhythm & Blues” (the template for Blues Rock) was The EALING JAZZ CLUB. Other Venues that catered for the “Trad Jazz Crowd” such as The Marquee Jazz Club and Eel Pie Jazz Club would help open doors for new clubs such as The Crawdaddy, Ricky Tick and many more.

The sounds of bands like the Black Keys, White Stripes and other types of LIVE MUSIC are all too often absent from West London venues and streets in 2014. Although, existing festivals together with new events are currently gaining momentum…..we hope more are on their way…..

Highlighting the contribution of Ealing Borough and the Ealing Club has already inspired new opportunities for LIVE MUSIC (across all genres)  in the local area. The Ealing Club Community interest company is hoping a new documentary will provide a focus on why Ealing became a significant centre for “British Rhythm and Blues”.

Interviews have been completed with Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, John Mayall, Chris Barber, Paul Jones (Manfred Mann) and Bobbie Korner together with over 40 other ‘movers & shakers’.  Most of the participants helped build a steady stream of bands that would re-interpret the blues while taking it to new audiences both in the US and beyond.

If all goes well, Suburban Steps To Rockland – the story of the Ealing Club’ will be completed in Sept/Oct 2014.