Jeff Griffin & Bob Harris at The Ealing Club

On 17th March 2012, Paul Goodwin from Hayes FM made a series of interviews with key figures who came to Ealing for the Blue Plaque ceremony. Many had experienced the earliest days of BRITISH RHYTHM AND BLUES and were deeply inspired by Alexis Korner and Cyril Davies.

Interviews with Bob Harris and Jeff Griffin whose eminent careers have brought them into contact with some of the most influential pop and rock acts are now available through this website.

Highlights include the following:

Bob Harris
Pictured here in his Old Grey Whistle Test days at the BBC, Bob spoke of his personal connection to Alexis Korner and paid tribute to the music he pioneered.

When discussing the influence of the Club on British Music, Bob Harris states the following:

“This particular venue was the springboard for some of the great careers we have seen in British Music” Whispering Bob Harris
(Minute 2.25)

Jeff Griffin
Former BBC radio producer Jeff Griffin whose credits include producing LIVE AID and the BBC IN CONCERT series. Jeff fondly remembers his long association with Alexis and his times visiting the Ealing Club itself.

Jimi Hendrix at the BBC: Just one of Jeff Griffin's Radio credits

Jeff Griffin, producer of LIVEAID

“The Ealing club is probably one of the most important parts of our popular music heritage” Jeff Griffin (Minute 10.30)

Listen to Bob Harris and Jeff Griffin at the Ealing Club Blue Plaque Ceremony here: