END OF THE LINE: Ealing’s legacy in the news

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END OF THE LINE: A series of reports about London’s Heritage produced by ITN LONDON NEWS

ITN LONDON NEWS are currently running a series of articles focusing on the Heritage of places located at the end of the London’s tube line. During the summer the news team took a trip to Ealing and compiled a report that featured an interview with music journalist Paul Trynka.

As well as being a former editor of Mojo Magazine (amongst others) Paul has written countless biographies on artists such as David Bowie and The Rolling Stones. 

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Music Journalist Paul Trynka interviewed in Ealing August 2014

He categorically stated that Ealing was:  ‘One of the most important musical venues in London, if not the world’ ……………….and he went on to highlight how without the British Rhythm and Blues scene of the early 60’s, the music of the great Black American Blues Legends such as BB King may have taken 10-20 years longer to ever get noticed by mainstream audiences within their own    country………..The USA.

In Feb 2012, President Obama received BB King and many others at the White House to celebrate the contribution of the Blues in America. During this event Sir Mick Jagger was centre stage backed by another Ealing Club veteran, Jeff Beck who played the Ealing venue, now known as The Red Room with his band, The Tridents in summer 64.

jeff beck & bb king

BB King & Jeff Beck pictured at the White House in Feb 2012

It is no coincidence that at this White House gig,  J.Beck was brandishing a Marshall Amp that like many legendary names in rock music often gets thought of as entirely American.

Thankfully new documentaries & books are soon to be published that will support Ealing & the rest of West London’s claim as a key location on the WORLD MUSIC map.

The film SUBURBAN STEPS TO ROCKLAND – The Story of The Ealing Club is nearing completion and promises to become the definitive documentary about ‘The Cradle of British Rock Music’…….it’s looking great even though it’s been produced on a shoestring ……………everything’s gotta start somewhere!

In the meantime, if in Ealing……please come and support some of the new LIVE MUSIC events that are starting to spring up in the area. Such a musical legacy deserves much more than just piece of blue porcelain on a wall……

Parts of the above interview are available at ITN SOURCE. Please get in touch with us if you would like to view a copy the whole feature. Paul Trynka’s new book: ‘The Making of The Rolling Stones’ is now available in the UK.