Ealing Music In The Press

Following the recent KICKSTARTER Campaign for “SUBURBAN STEPS TO ROCKLAND – the story of the Ealing Club” some fantastic articles have started to appear in National Media and International Media.

27th August 2013: Mark Hillary a former Ealing Resident published his feature of Ealing’s Rock Music History in a story titled: “SEXUAL EALING – Was Rock Music Born in London W5?” 


Mark Hillary who now resides in Brazil has an excellent insight into just how important Ealing’s music heritage could be to thousands of Rock fans, in a nation so well known for its own musical innovation. Brazil also hosts one of the world’s largest music festivals “Rock In Rio” that owe’s some of it’s success to artists such as The Stones and Freddie Mercury.

1st September 2013: Zoe Howe published a great article in the SUNDAY EXPRESS titled “Ealing Power of R & B Celebrated”. Zoe has written a biography about another hero of the second generation of British Rhythm and Blues – Wilko Johnson.

Sunday-Express-logoIn addition,  she has recently contributed to an excellent publication titled “The British Beat Explosion” that highlights the legendary Eel Pie Island (just a cycle ride from Ealing and one of the venue’s that became a regular haunt for the Cyril Davies All Stars following the legendary nights in Ealing.


NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS has also written about the influence of the Rolling Stones and their beginnings in small “Jazz” Clubs of which West London had numerous examples back in the early 1960’s. It was in Ealing where Alexis Korner and Cyril Davies and their band Blues Incorporated chose to use amplified guitars and begin a new strain of music that would reach the four corners of the globe.

Finally the online music magazine the 405 published an article by Vernon Ward titled: