Dusty Springfield – Forever Ealing!

Rock & Pop of London

A wonderful new map has recently been published demonstrating top-selling artists from each London borough. It’s fantastic to see that Legend Dusty Springfield’s association with Ealing is highlighted in a map recent published displaying ‘Top-selling artists’ by borough. Although Dusty never played the Ealing Club (whose original location may disappear from the London map altogether) this soul legend was nurtured and raised in Kent Gardens, Ealing. Dusty also attended school at St Anne’s Convent opposite The Plough Inn, South Ealing.

Documentaries and many other sources often associate Dusty Springfield with her birthplace in Hampstead, North London. Much of those who take an interest in music will no doubt think Dusty Springfield, the only British female vocalist elected into the US Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, was never actually from the UK at all…so we are all delighted.

For those trainspotters like ourselves that really want to get to the nitty-gritty and find out why the Police are from Kingston and David Bowie is from Lambeth we attach a map of the London Boroughs. The Rolling Stones = Sutton, Pink Floyd = Kensington and Chelsea, The Who = Wandsworth. Explanations will be found somewhere for these band locations and no doubt some borough’s (and many outside London……Cambridge, Dartford, Bromley) will be flummoxed.

However, Ealing will forever have Dusty, so just maybe we should forget about British Blues and Rock after all and only celebrate the sound of sweet soul music!

However, take a look at the US top-selling albums of all time. In the top four places you’ll find Pink Floyd, Led Zepellin and Fleetwood Mac. Ask certain members of those bands about Alexis Korner, Cyril Davies and Blues Incorporated and how their guidance inspired their careers.

Likewise, a number of the top-selling live acts of all time have Ealing roots.

Ealing has made a double contribution to world music through its adoption of Soul Music (Dusty was an early adopter) and Blues Electric Guitar Music.

In the present-day, Ealing has a range of festivals, educational facilities and cultural assets that could benefit by harnessing the rich musical heritage that the area has pushed out to the world. It’s such great opportunity for Ealing, the rest of London and beyond.