January – The Month Charlie Watts Joined The Rolling Stones

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Back in January 1963 Keith Richards diary often cited Ealing as THE regular gig in the calendar for the Rolling Stones who at that time were still to find a drummer suited to the band. 

Keith Richard’s biography “Life” has regular references to the club and a postcard purchased at the London “Exhibitionism” show displays a wonderful insight into the formation of the the World’s greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll band.

Keith Richard’s Diary (postcard purchased at Exhibitionism London) On 8th January 1963, Ealing, Bo Diddley, The Marquee are all on the agenda. 3010….. who knows?

On 12th Jan 1963, the ex-Blues Incorporated Drummer Charlie Watts played with the Rolling Stones for the first time at the Ealing Club. In recent years, the date has been celebrated on the band’s social media pages.

In 2021, Charlie’s joining day birthday was celebrated by Ronnie Wood while The Rolling Stones simply tweeted………..

“Hate To See You Go” performed by the Rolling Stones, inspired by Chicago and recorded in London!

For more background on Charlie joining the Rolling Stones please check out the movie: Suburban Steps To Rockland – The Story of the Ealing Club.