THE EALING FILM FESTIVAL calls out to filmmakers worldwide!

A new film festival makes its debut in November 2020 and is set to provide a new platform in West London for filmmakers of all genres, abilities and backgrounds. 

THE EALING FILM FESTIVAL will reach out to new film projects from all over the world as well as those drawn from the Borough of Ealing, a London neighbourhood that is well noted for film-making connections: Ealing Studios, legendary film locations, prestigious film schools such as Met Film and The University of West London, Dr Who, Downton Abbey, the Ealing Comedies are some of them.

Oscar winning Film Director, Steve McQueen who grew up in Ealing Borough would no doubt be delighted to see new film festivals emerging on his home turf.

West London’s film-making ecosystem warrants a thriving film festival circuit and the Ealing Film Festival can certainly boost that prospect. The core committee of Alan Granley, Annemarie Flanagan and Peter Gould have a passionate understanding of the area and their love of film will provide firm foundations for a thriving event.

Enthusiastic support for this years ‘online’ event has already been forthcoming from MPs,  businesses and we understand the film selection committee will comprise of experts and figures including Jane Winehouse (Co-founder & Managing Trustee of the Amy Winehouse Foundation)

Thanks to followers of the Ealing Club website, the film “The Ealing Club Story – Suburban Steps To Rockland” is now screening on Sky Arts & KLM Airlines and we hope local MP’s and businesses will continue to spread awareness of Ealing’s Music story as it continues to move further afield.

Submit your film now! 

The Ealing festival is now accepting entries for a variety of categories, including drama and documentary, sci-fi and horror, comedy and animation. 

There’s also a special category for films about the environment and green issues, and one called ‘homegrown’ which features the work of local filmmakers, or films that have been made in Ealing. 

Applications can be made via the leading film festival portal, Film Freeway. 


Film Freeway: