FORBES Magazine & Ealing

According to its website “Forbes is the largest global business media brand in the world”. So we live in strange times indeed, when “the Ealing Club” gets a mention in Forbes Magazine. 

“The Worlds largest global business media brand” mentions The Ealing Club.

But in August 2020 that happened in an article discussing regeneration of local high streets in the post – pandemic era.  

Author Shain Shapiro referenced the Ealing Club in his article discussing the idea of the “15 minute city” which proposes that suburbs, cities and their residents could flourish if as many activities as possible were within easy reach of residents, helping reduce stress, pollution and perhaps stimulating community interaction.

Shain Shapiro argues that in days gone by, London’s live music was easily reached thanks to mixed-use, suburban venues that minimized the journey time for most visitors. He goes on to cite the Ealing Club as an example of those lost days, assuming that Forbes readers will be well versed in the story of Ealing. 

Many followers of Forbes will be unfamiliar with ‘The Ealing Club” and it’s story that is featured in the documentary ‘Suburban Steps To Rockland – The Story of the Ealing Club’.

The feature film documentary explains how the venue touched the careers of many a legendary musician. Many of whom travelled miles to reach the ‘London R & B’ destination of the day.  In recent years tourists from Argentina, Brazil, Norway and Belgium have followed in their footsteps checking out the haunts of the Rolling Stones, The Who and many more.

The Ealing Club Community Interest Company was set up to celebrate West London’s music legacy and encourage more regular and better gigs/festivals in West London.

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