The Ealing Club Tea Towel

Created in 2018 the Ealing Club tea towel has proven popular amongst followers from as far as Japan, The US, Australia and Hanwell. We understand music students from West London have been pinning these to bedroom walls in Leeds and further afield. 

All profits from the sale of such items have been ploughed back into Ealing Club CIC initiatives such as film/Music promotion and live events.

Key figures and events listed in the A-Z of Ealing Rock are featured along with iconic sights such as Ealing Studios, Gunnersbury House and The Ealing Blues Festival. 

Do you have anything to add?

The first edition is now completely out of stock and we have some updates planned.

Before any decision on a reprint is made we would like to ascertain future demand and include any thoughts, from anybody that might wish to express opinions about the music heritage that surrounds them. 

Please get in touch via with any suggestions you would like to see.  

Subscriptions & pre-orders for the 2nd edition, Ealing Club tea-towel are now available at