Scarlet – The Rolling Stones

An ode to the red rooms, (Ealing) it certainly isn’t…. 

but the newly released track “Scarlet” from the Rolling Stones is a fine example of an infectious guitar riff  synonymous with all those guitarists shaped by American Blues & the UK Skiffle scene 

The track originally conceived 47 years ago in Ronnie Wood’s basement (Richmond) merges the “gnarliest” of guitar riffs along with other instruments laid down in 1974 . Some polishing up in a contemporary studio has created a release apt for 2020. 

According to Mick Jagger, interviewed on the Zoe Ball show on Radio 2, the track was a combination of Rolling Stones sessions involving Jimmy Page, Ronnie Wood and even some participation from Ginger Baker. 

Rediscovered from the vaults during lockdown, the original recordings have been re-edited and complemented with some ‘Maracas’ to spice up the listening experience. 

The guitar riff upon which this track hangs shouts out to the spirit of Led Zeppelin with a hint of Ronnie Wood mixed in. Jimmy Page was the guest guitarist to feature on the track with Keith being able to sit back and go with the flow, presumably making a contribution here on the acoustic guitar.

Sometimes, the best musicians know that less is more! 

Scarlet is included on the new release of the “Goat’s Head Soup” Album. 

For more on how any of the above has anything to do with Ealing and Wider West London please check out “the A-Z of Ealing Rock Music” and the feature film documentary ‘Suburban Steps To Rockland – The Story of the Ealing Club”