Where Are The Rolling Stones?

In 2018, Igloo Books featured The Rolling Stones in their popular children’s series that highlights renowned Rock ‘n’ Roll Bands. Included at the beginning of the book is the Ealing “Jazz” Club followed on the next page by The Crawdaddy (Richmond).

There is no doubt some of our followers will be interested in this particular edition so we have stocked a small number of “Where Are The Rolling Stones?”  


It must have been a close call for all those compiling the edition on whether to include venues such as: The Marquee ‘Jazz’ Club, Eel Pie Island, The Flamingo, Ricky Tick at the expense of other venues.

Perhaps, all those the plaques, talks, exhibitions, live events, the new film ‘Suburban Steps To Rockland – The Story of The Ealing Club’ + the A-Z of Ealing Rock have contributed to help put Ealing Borough on the Rock ‘n’ Roll map & generate a little more vitality on the Westside.

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