Meeting Over Yonder

7th April 1962 was the day, Mick and Keith met Brian Jones & Ian Stewart in the basement bar where Blues Incorporated were pioneering their Rhythm and Blues evenings that would later become a regular feature at the Marquee ‘Jazz’ Club in London. Other clubs would follow.

The full history of the Ealing Club has recently been documented in Suburban Steps To Rockland – The Story of the Ealing Club. Viewers can find it on SKY Arts (UK/Ireland & NZ) & a Premiere is expected on Belgian broadcaster NRT in April 2020. It is hoped, other territories will follow.

Once in a while some great music returns to the original venue. Here’s a clip courtesy of Bar Tributo in Buenos Aires who helped bring together Ben Waters and Robert Hokum’s Great West Groove, stalwarts of the Ealing Blues Festival