Our Friends Eclectic

Ealing Eclectic MusicSpace returns to the basement of Café Zee in Ealing Broadway on 18 January for a series of monthly coffee shop gigs.

Prior booking essential! Tickets available here at wegotickets


To kick off 2019 we host the legendary Johnny G, the singer-songwriter from Northfields who became one of the first artists to sign for Beggars Banquet, the record label that’s now Europe’s biggest independent music groups. According to Beggars Group managing director Martin Mills, the label’s heart and soul developed at their Ealing record shop just around the corner from Café Zee at 19 Ealing High Street.

Along with The Lurkers and Ivor Biggun our featured artist Johnny G formed the foundation of a label that would go on to nurture so many cutting-edge acts.


Martin Mills lived above the Ealing shop and bands were encouraged to bring in demo tapes that would be aired to the Beggars staff and subjected to a popular vote to be considered for the record label.

It was here that Paul Gardiner, bass player of Tubeway Army would present the band demo featuring a certain West London musician, Gary Numan.

Gary Numan and Tubeway Army were subsequently signed to the Beggars Banquet label and their tracks Are ‘Friends’ Electric? and Cars kickstarted to the growth of the label that has become the UK’s largest independent record group.


Ealing Eclectic sees Johnny G back in town for some semi-acoustic renditions of his current setlist.  His unique guitar playing style and tone together with which will be ideal for the attentive audience at Café Zee

Johnny is joined by emerging talent Marky Dawson and some guest performances from the Ealing Eclectic Youth Sessions. Check out Marky Dawson’s live performance here:

Tickets are available for subsequent dates on 8 Feb (Ramon Goose & Senny Camara) and 8 March (Keith Waithe and Allegra Shock). Please see www.ealingclub.com and sign up for our occasional newsletter.