Blue And Lonesome in Ealing

8 December 2016 — Has anybody noticed that ‘Blue and Lonesome’ the new Rolling Stones album is now screaming across online servers all the way from Ealing to Seattle.

This spontaneously recorded collection of blues covers will please many visitors to the 2017 Ealing Blues Festival. They’ll be relishing  Ride Em On Down and I Gotta Go songs that hark back to the beginnings of London’s R & B scene in West London…and of course long before that. It’s hardly surprising that this album is topping all of the online music charts across the world already.


Great to see US media such as David Fricke at Rolling Stone Magazine and CBS Sunday Morning acknowledging Ealing’s connection with Blues and Jazz. There are so many more UK decision makers/journalists that could still help define West London’s past, present and future role in music.

Greater understanding of the roots of rock music could add vitality (maybe it already has?) to the present and future prospects of live music and wider culture in West London.

The Forgotten Music Narrative and The Future of Live Music

In our experience, most London music fans will be totally unaware of Ealing’s association with the Stones, let alone all the other great musicians that ‘cut-their-teeth’ in West London. What’s more, there is a wealth of contemporary music events and wider cultural initiatives emerging in West London (especially in smaller venues) that could really flourish given some coordinated support from the music industry, local authorities, the media and tourist bodies.

Back To Ealing

As for Ealing’s music heritage, in 2017 we hope a film called Suburban Steps To Rockland – The Story of The Ealing Club will help define West London’s contribution to music. Such projects are only emerging thanks to the application of a DIY spirit applied by many individuals for whom support is often limited.

Thanks to everyone that has supported it so far. Please, sign up and get in touch, if you’d like to see more happen.