September SoundBite

The Ealing Club Community Interest Company was set up to highlight Ealing’s Music Heritage with a view to inspiring new opportunities for live music promotion and performance.

One of the key festivals we have supported since March 2012 is the West Ealing SoundBite Festival that was created to improve the prospects of Dean Gardens, a forgotten green space that lies at the heart of the Uxbridge Road in Ealing.

Since 2013, SoundBite has provided a stage for some great musicians who would have never had opportunities to perform at other events currently on offer within West London. Despite a well publicised cancellation in Sept 2015 due to some of the very issues that inspired it’s creation, the 2016 event returned music to this urban setting that has such great potential for the future.


Ok, Sept 10th brought a day of rain in a week surrounded by the best September weather in years. British weather will always send people to the parks or keep them at home. History tell us that some of the quietest gigs can be some of the most influential.

There are many local bodies and media outlets who could benefit by helping promote and demonstrate support for SoundBite and similar events in West London.

Splendid performances were on offer from Seb Stone, Hudeydi, Du Bellows, The Robert Hokum Band and Somali legends Dur Dur International along with George Smilie from Smiley & The Underclass. His upbeat acoustic performance towards the end of the evening was followed by London’s busking champions and Hanwell residents ‘The TailorMade who also found a well deserved gig. The full line up can be seen here:


Dur Dur International – where to play next?

There will be more from SoundBite next September 2017. Hopefully, by then The Ealing Club CIC will have helped highlight Ealing’s Music Heritage and inspired other opportunities for live music.

All this activity could be a whole lot easier when Suburban Steps To Rockland – The Story of The Ealing Club  starts informing music fans across the world about the exciting music heritage and contemporary music scene that awaits in West London.

No doubt there are many people that could just pick up the phone and make more things happen. Loads are doing it already and we’d like to thank them all.

The past, present and future is all important but only as good as the environment around it.