Later with Jools Holland, Alexis Korner and The Blues

Compulsory viewing for any avid music fan in Britain today is LATER with Jools Holland. Now into it’s 49th series, this awesome BBC programme is always guaranteed to mix up some legendary figures from music alongside cutting edge new artists.

LATER takes us on a small musical journey every winter while all those burgeoning summer festivals begin to hibernate. As small live music venues continue to face threats across London, lets hope that TV and the internet do not become the sole future outlet for intimate, live gigs in the winter months.

(See our previous posts about the challenges faced by small live music venues (Music Venue Trust) 


Line up of programme 1: Kings of Leon, Jack White, Sting, Banks, M83, Kandace, Springs and most importantly for Ealing Club followers an interview from Jimmy Page.

ALEXIS KORNER, R&B and British Blues

Ealing club followers may be interested in hearing Jimmy Page bring up Alexis Korner’s name during the interview regarding the re-issue of Led Zeppelin’s BBC sessions.

Like many other bands Led Zep’s career was touched by the influence of Alexis Korner, founder of the Ealing Club and band leader of Blues Incorporated, the group that helped nurture so many other British musicians’ interest in ‘electric guitar blues’….. or as it became known in early 60’s London….”Rhythm & Blues”.

The Jimmy Page interview can be found 12 minutes into the programme via The BBC:

STING’s First Gig

Interestingly, Sting who also featured on the first show of this new Autumn series might also have been inspired by a Blues Incorporated connection.

Sting stated in his biography that his first visit to a live gig (Newcastle 1965) was the Graham Bond Organisation featuring former Blues Incorporated members Graham Bond, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker….(apparently, he wasn’t too enthused about the music but he became aware that something ‘heavier’  was on it’s way)

Of course, the likes of JACK BRUCE and GINGER BAKER would eventually form the first so-called supergroup “CREAM” who would make their mark in the US following other musicians whose careers had been brushed by the blues in Ealing….. notably the Rolling Stones, Manfred Mann, The Who (and many more)

Plaques, exhibitions and commemorations have already helped locally based artists admired by Jools Holland and Jimmy Page find a gig in West London….VERY soon we hope to see a completed feature film made possible thanks to a similar DIY ethos that helped bring together British R & B well over 50 years ago.

Clarifying the story of Ealing’s R & B connections may boost all types of musical opportunities as part of much needed review of the past, present and future Cultural potential and it’s promotion on the fringes of West London.

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