January 2019 kicked off with a very special performance of JohnnyG + support at Cafe Zee. Full review is here: https://www.ealingclub.com/2019/01/whats-on-in-ealing-music/

Events continue into February 2019 with Ramon Goose & The Mantic Muddlers on the 8th February and Louise Marshall and The Brethren performing at The Brentham Club as part of the Ealing Music and Film Festival.

Previously on Ealing Eclectic January…….

27th February sees Ealing Eclectic returning to the heart of Ealing Broadway with Aaron Keylock, Du Bellows, Sabbey International Drummers, Simon Bell and Robert Hokum + a few others……

January’s edition set some high standards. Here’s what happened.

On Saturday 30th Jan, EALING ECLECTIC hit the Drapers Arms and launched ACOUSTIC sessions in the basement of Café Zee on Ealing Broadway.

  • Atlantic Sons Ealing Eclectic
  • Born Of The Sun Ealing Eclectic 2
  • TJ ‘Holyboy’ Johnson Ealing Eclectic
  • Natalie 2 Ealing Eclectic
  • Steve Mead Ealing Eclectic
  • TJ “Holyboy” Johnson
  • William Francis Ealing Eclectic
  • Tricia Kane Ealing Eclectic2
  • Atlantic Sons Ealing Eclectic 2

7 bands @ two venues backed by top quality sound systems and engineers.

Contrasting Venues 

Those seeking a great night out listening to the authentic Rock and Blues Sounds of West London would not to be disappointed by the blistering performances delivered by TJ Johnson & The Preachers and Born Of The Sun.

These two bands blasted their rhythms across the house with ease and both proved that the ‘power trio’ based format is still very much alive and well. Both bands gelled their bass guitar & pounding rhythms with TJ adding additional vocal support into the mix. Born Of The Sun brought their contemporary songwriting influences and short, sharp shock finishes to the stage while TJ Johnson & The Preachers pleased the crowd with timeless Jimi Hendrix style riffs delivered with perfection.


Tricia Kane and Guy William opened the evening, delivering a haunting 20 min, acoustic set at the Drapers Arms that would be repeated at The Eclectic Acoustic Sessions held in Café Zee. This basement venue filled with an appreciative crowd that hung onto each and every word of Tricia’s angelic vocals.


Atlantic Sons use of electric and acoustic guitar, beautiful harmonies and cajon delivered their sumptuous set of ‘Americana’ material with style. Their music had an opportunity to shine for a second time, in Eclectic’s second performance venue at Café Zee, located just around the corner from the Drapers Arms.


This new event is a great opportunity to catch Ealing Eclectic performers presenting their material in an intimate set up that allows full appreciation of the music on offer. The no alcohol policy did not turn away the crowds. In fact, many visitors turned up having enjoyed meals at local restaurants and indulged in the coffee and tea on offer.

Eclectic Acoustic Sessions provided performance opportunities for the next generation with participation from Olivia Judd.

The evening concluded with Robert Hokum and Anjan Saha demonstrating that Ealing is the perfect location to merge the sounds of Mississippi and Chicago with those of the Indian Subcontinent….

The combination is utterly ‘Eclectic’… hence the name and Ealing really should be a destination for LIVE MUSIC

There’s more to come next Saturday 27th February at the Drapers Arms & Cafe Zee.

Ealing Eclectic February 27th 2016