Ealing Eclectic October Live Music (REVIEW)

THE EALING ECLECTIC PROJECT arrives at the Drapers Arms for just one night, every month. The aim is to stage Professional Musicians and a great sound system that will guarantee a fantastic experience for the audience.

The Arts Council of England have provided support to encourage innovation along with Make It Ealing whose remit is to encourage additional visitors to Ealing Broadway. Their support along with other events such as, the Ealing Blues Festival, The Hanwell Hootie and SoundBite have helped foster interest in Ealing’s unique contribution to world culture.

Saturday 31st October brought AZADEH, BIRDWOOD and RAMON GOOSE with DESERT ROCK to the stage. 200-300 people were enthralled by the haunting vocals of AZADEH as she performed songs, that have already earned her support slots for the likes of Jools Holland and Robert Cray.


Azadeh Sings in Ealing


BirdWood R & B Roots of Ealing & West London

BIRDWOOD highlighted West London’s ‘R & B’ roots and took the volume to another level, with their immaculate set that paid homage to the beginning’s of British Rock Music……..It also got the audience dancing.

The band has every right to interpret classic’s such Mojo Workin’ and Leaving Here as every one of them has been a key player in line-ups that first made people aware of the existence of such great music. The Birds, The Downliners Sect, The ArtWoods and The Strawbs were part of the scene that lay the foundations for much of the British Music industry.

Let’s hope decision makers, continue reviewing all the challenges facing grassroots music venues. The future offering and ongoing attraction of well established festivals, may start to look very dull, if they don’t.


RAMON GOOSE is a Blues Guitarist that has developed a passion for North African Music. Alongside Abdoylaye Samb (Guitar) Ndene Ndiayne (Drums) and Zad Adda (Bassist) and Khalfia Conte (percussion), the band Desert Rock fuses blues guitar with the influences of North Africa.

Their performance at the Drapers Arms on Saturday was ecstatic and proved that it is not only the sound of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) that can get people moving on a Saturday in 2015.

live music performance in Ealing

The Blues merges with sounds from Senegal and Algeria

These rhythms and beats would get any feet tapping and they are seldom heard in any pub in the suburbs on a Saturday night. Especially, when accompanied by two great guitarists at the top of their game.

Come get some more while it lasts!  Get it in your friends diaries and please share:  …. Next gig is: Saturday 28th November 2015.