Ealing Music Venues Past

‘Entertainment & Culture’ in Ealing has changed way beyond recognition in the last 100 years and it will change again.

In the Victorian era one of Ealing’s primary leisure venues would have been the Lyric Theatre that later became known as the ‘Hippodrome’ theatre. No doubt the design of this building had fallen out of favour by 1958 when it was finally demolished. By 1950’s many similar venues were considered as ‘fleapits’ and hardly fit for for purpose.  The old ‘Lyric Theatre’ facade was converted into the present day frontage of WHSmiths.

WHSmith has served many Ealing Club followers purchasing copies of Record Collector and Mojo Magazine and countless classic albums such as ‘Who’s Next’  ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’  Tubular Bells and Beggars Banquet (all with Ealing connections)

Lyric Theatre Ealing

The Old Facade of the ‘Lyric Theatre’ Ealing

Pictures courtesy Theatres Trust


Move forward a few years – the site becomes WH Smith Ealing

For those interested in those aforementioned rock music albums, there was another notable venue located just around the corner known as The Ealing Club – Please check out the movie Suburban Steps To Rockland – The Story of The Ealing Club.