The British Blues Awards 2014

Every vote counts at THE BRITISH BLUES AWARDS!

Established in 2010 The British Blues Awards is run by a group of Blues Fans and enthusiasts. Nominations are made by a panel made up of over 50 ‘key people’ in the British Blues scene. Mainly dedicated Blues Radio DJs’ For a full history and details of the nomination panel, go to

Your vote is needed for THE EALING BLUES FESTIVAL

Since March 2012, there has been a growing awareness of Ealing’s Blues and Rock Heritage. Indications of support have emerged from the Rolling Stones, Pete Townshend, Robert Plant, John Mayall, Chris Barber and many other figures.

Even the great BB KING has recently highlighted the ‘Blues Credentials’ of Alexis Korner in the music documentary ‘Life of Riley’

Ealing’s First ever ‘Nomination’ at The British Blues Awards

Founded in 1987, The Ealing Blues Festival has become the biggest dedicated Blues Event in Britain but is only just being recognised by many sections of Britain’s Blues community.

The Ealing Blues Festival Walpole Park

The Ealing Blues Festival Walpole Park

Your Vote Counts! 

British Blues Awards

Your vote today can help put Ealing in the minds of Blues Fans throughout the country. Many ‘blues fanatics’ in the UK are unaware of the annual festival that is being held on the 19th and 20th July, in Walpole Park, Ealing.

With an entry fee of just £5.00, The Ealing Blues Festival offers visiting crowds some of the most respected British Blues Artists.  Although, it’s promotional budget is only sufficient to reach residents within Ealing Borough, greater support from the music press will help increase that ‘Ealing Feeling’ amongst British Musicians & Fans.

Your support NOW means better prospects for Ealing’s Festivals and LIVE Rock and Blues Music In West London in the FUTURE.

For those that have enjoyed the Ealing Blues Festival and believe the area should make more of it’s music heritage,  a vote now could help put Ealing on the map.

PLEASE give a shout for Ealing, West London and ‘British Electric Blues’ so we can ROCK a little more!

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(it’s self explanatory and if you don’t know the acts in other categories, there’s a ‘no vote’ option (voting closes on June 30).