The Ealing Club and Robert Elms BBC LONDON

This week, Robert Elms of BBC London featured an interview with Robert Salmons and Don Martin who were brought into the studio at Broadcasting House to discuss the Ealing Club. The place where BRITISH RHYTHM AND BLUES began, in March 1962.

Robert Elms Interviews Robert Salmons and Don Martin

Don Martin discussed the club prior to the appearance of Alexis Korner and Blues Incorporated. He visited the venue, when it was known as the “moist hoist” a name derived from the condensation that dripped from the walls and ceilings. (As highlighted in Keith Richard’s biography “LIFE”).

The Ealing Club Blue Plaque - 17th March 2012

Prior to 1962, the club had hosted local jazz acts and “twist” bands that were all the rage between 1960 – 62. However, It was Ealing Town Hall that would have played host to notable names of the time, such as Acker Bilk, whose song “Stranger on the Shore” was a top 10 hit in March 62.

The Robert Elms programme, featured lost clubs and venues including the Astoria in London, that had to be demolished to make way for the Crossrail project.

Maybe Ealing can use Crossrail, as an opportunity to improve facilities for live music and other cultural offerings. Many Ealing residents are totally oblivious to the fantastic opportunities, this new transport link could offer.

You will hear Robert Elms discuss the Ealing Club with Robert Salmons and Don Martin at 1.31 in the following link:

Robert Elms
‘Whose London’, Maxwell Hutchin…12:00 Tuesday, 20th March

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