The Ealing Club Unknown Band

The Ealing Club Unknown Band - Courtesy: M.Karska

Could this be an early line up of Reg Dwight’s (Elton John’s) Bluesology or even, Van Morrison at The Ealing Club?

Possibly not, but nobody knows who this mystery band is at the moment! There’s a challenge! Somebody must recognise them.

If you know anybody that visited the Ealing club or other venues in the area, we would love to hear their memories and see photos/scans of memorabilia.

More memories and photographs of bands/fans at the Ealing Club will help others to remember, exactly why the “British Rhythm and Blues Boom” of 1962 took place. They will build up a complete picture of a music scene, whose influence still spans the world of music today.

Please contact us, so that we can help build up a picture of Ealing’s Blues and Rock Heritage.

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