Chris Jagger @ The Ealing Club

Thursday 24th May 08:00 PM

Chris Jagger: Guitar & Vocals
Chris Jagger needs little introduction to most followers of the Ealing Club. As a musician who began his career in the early 1970’s he will be making his first visit to the tiny basement venue in Ealing Broadway.

Having played the Ealing Blues Festival (Walpole Park) he has also written a three part radio series on the influence of Alexis Korner the pioneering blues musician and broadcaster whose ‘R & B’ nights in Ealing became the stuff of legend.

As a performer and songwriter Chris has been influenced by Blues, Rock as well as Cajun music, Zydeco, Folk Music and Country Music.

His recent compilation “All The Best” provides just a glimpse into an extensive back catalogue of music that will be on offer and delivered by his talented and experienced group of musicians attending on the 24th March 2018. These include:
Elliet Mackrell: Fiddle, Charlie Hart: Piano: Dave Hatfield: Bass and Les Morgan on Drums

Price 15.00


The Ealing Club @ The Red Room

42a The Broadway, London W5 2NP

*At an Ealing Club Presents event you can be assured of the music quality, content, the security at the venue and the quality of the sound system, you can even be assured the musicians are being paid to take part!