Ealing Eclectic

LAST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH in CENTRAL EALING @ The Drapers Arms. 26th SEPT 2015 from 7.00pm. Please follow the Ealing Club on twitter & facebook to updates.

Ealing Eclectic

Phil Odgers + Renegade Virtuoso Violinist Bobby Valentino

For 30 years, Phil ‘Swill’ Odgers has been one half of the legendary joint vocal strike force of The Men They Couldn’t Hang. Audiences around the world from Cairo to Reykjavik, Brisbane to Vancouver and Berlin to London have submitted to his effervescent and heartfelt vocal style in stadium, theatre, hall and after hours lock in.

Most recently, Phil has joined up with British Folk Legends such as Eliza Carthy and producer to create his new double album that will be launched following a successful crowd funding campaign via pledge music.

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Phil Odgers – The Godforsaken Voyage Album 2012

For EALING ECLECTIC Phil has joined up with legendary Violinist Bobby Valentino who made his name with bands such as ‘The Fabulous Poodles’ . He subsequently joined up with the Hank Wangford band and has played on the work of artists such as Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Bob Geldof, Alabama 3 & Shania Twain.

All British Pop fans will remember his violin work on the Bluebells track ‘Young At Heart’ for which Bobby gained a songwriter credit for his contribution.

A duo of this quality has seldom been seen in recent years in central Ealing. Let’s hope it will be the first of many


The Blue Amen

Vocalist Chris Thow and pianist Mike Perry have a musical history dating back to the 1980’s.  The duo, signed to major labels EMI, A&M records and Chappell publishing, enjoyed 10 years of writing, recording and touring.  After a long period of pursuing individual projects the pair came back together in 2014 to form The Blue Amen.  Chris and Mike were soon joined by John Gardonyi (drums) and, completing the lineup, Stefano Galarraga (double bass). The Blue Amen, now gigging across Londonperform a combination of original material and re-interpreted classics of real significance, including songs made famous by great female vocalists, such as Nina Simone, Etta James and Billie Holiday. Some of their music is available on youtube

The Blue Amen

Mike Perry + Chris Thow aka The Blue Amen

Their dynamic live performances are delivered in a sparing blues and jazz style, and have at times an intense emotional depth

The Francis Gahan Band

Debuting at the renowned Ealing Blues Festival in 2014, FGB rocked the house with original music and covers of some classic blues tunes…..they left having made a name for themselves with the energy and power of their live performance.

Mixing Blues, Rock, Funk, and anything else that emerges in their jam sessions, the band’s sound can be described as the old meeting the new….’buying it a round and reminiscing about what’s come before – and where it should now be heading”

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