‘Screams and The Stones Loved Them’: 1965

Fifty years ago, the local Ealing newspaper read: ‘For the Stones it was a return to the home of their earliest successes….’  and went on feature an interview with Keith Richards (see full article below)

On 16 March 1965, The Rolling Stones played in Greenford (Ealing Borough). They had already become a household name and were just months away from making ‘Satisfaction’ their first US no 1 hit.

Three years before (17th March 1962) Alexis Korner had been starting his ‘Rhythm & Blues Night’ (also mentioned by Keith below). Also see the history of the Ealing Club  

and the movie “Suburban Steps To Rockland – The Story of The Ealing Club”. (Follow on facebook here)

Rolling Stones 16 March 1965

The line-up includes D.Bowie’s 1st band (but he’d left by then) Dave Berry, The Hollies & Johnny Ball

Screams & Stones

Granada Greenford

The Granada Greenford Venue


In 2015, the venue is a shop